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Total Child Secondary School, Ilorin

Sited at the CEM Camp, a serene out of town location, providing a beautiful, natural and highly conducive atmosphere for learning, the Total Child Secondary School, Ilorin promises you a priviledged, purposeful, enriching, very enjoyable and memorable school life. The school offers full boarding services to boys and girls.

What we do

We develop the Total Child


to be academically excellent and intellectually distinct.


physically growing sound, strong and healthy.


nurtured, tutored and mentored in the way of the Lord.


meeting all standards ethically and morally.


Reviews From Ex-Students

To many, school is just a place you go to learn. To us in Total Child Secondary School Ilorin, School is home away from home. With a serene and comfortable environment, to qualified and friendly teachers, standard labs and facilities, carefully planned an structured time-table.

You have the chance to give your ward/child the anyone could ask.

    Adedayo Ogunlowo
    Adedayo Ogunlowo

    Alumnus (2006)

    Total Child School, Ilorin started me on my journey to greatness. I grew from a little boy who didn't know his left from right to an amazing skillful young man to the Glory of God.

      Victoria Yomi-Madamori
      Victoria Yomi-Madamori

      Alumnus 2012

      TCSS helped in building my inner strength. It was a bit difficult not being at home initially, but I met amazing students, teachers and missionaries that made my 6-year stay a beautiful experience.

        Festus Okewande
        Festus Okewande

        Alumnus 2017

        Looking back now, It's amazing to see how God used TCS Ilorin as a training ground and Spiritual recruitment center for me! Thank God I went to TCS Ilorin!

          Ifeoluwa Olutimehin
          Ifeoluwa Olutimehin

          Alumnus (2010)

          Total Child Secondary School set me on a very accurate trajectory for life, especially Academically, and Spiritually. I found a community of people who are still relevant to me till this day. I'll recommend TCSS 100% to any parent

            Daniel Ojumu
            Daniel Ojumu

            Alumnus (2009)

            When people ask me today where I learnt to do many things and how I have so many skills, I give them a simple answer.; Total Child School, Ilorin. I'll always recommend it as a good school.

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